2047 – the invention of gravitic technology.

2068 – the unveiling of the Jump drive.

2072 – the founding of the Medea colony on Alpha Centauri B II.

2083 – 2084 – the Alpha War

2084 – creation of the ISTO.

2084 – 2125 – First Space Rush

2125 – 2126 – the Space Crash

2126 – 2131 – Civil War

2128 – appointment of Gerard Mournham by ISTO

2131 – 2150 – Recovery

2131 – establishment of FNH

From 2072 – the founding of the Alpha Centauri colony until 2125, mega-corporations staked claims and began colonies at a frenetic pace. A dispute between trade rivals turned into a deadly war in 2083. Largely earth-bound governments were powerless to react to the hostilities. The war was only ended by negotiation between the rival companies after enormous losses of lives and money. The agreement established the Inter-Stellar Trade Organization (ISTO). The ISTO laid down ground-rules for the establishment of colony claims. Basically the first company to establish a permanent colony of 5,000 residents would own the planet.

The space-rush then began in earnest. Megacorporations’ profits grew and grew. There was enthusiasm and prosperity, as everyone with money to invest was buying space related stocks. People emigrated to the new colonies in thousands and tens of thousands, lured by the promise of wealth, independence, or even security of person. Entire towns and villages of some of the poorer areas of the world were lifted and transported to star-systems parsecs away from earth.

The space crash occured in 2125 as the bubble, created by inflated expectations of the actual profitability of space operations finally burst. Huge corporations went bankrupt. Governments were powerless to fix the problems which cost many times more than old ear nations GDPs. Entire colonies were abandoned, and thousands of lives were lost, and poverty and suffering spread on an unprecedented scale.

As the institutions were overwhelmed, governments tried to put in place measures to reduce the suffering – which inevitably were felt to be against the interests of the megacorporations. The ISTO resisted such resolutions vigourously. Worlds and nations withdrew from the ISTO in response. Civil war followed by 2126. In 2128, desperate to restore order, the ISTO sanctioned Gerard Mournham – a charismatic mercenary leader to enforce the ISTO’s will. The excesses of Gerard’s mercenaries only hardened resistance to the ISTO position, and even some megacorporations withdrew from the ISTO in this period.

By 2131, several nations and political groups managed to defeat Mournham and take power. The new government was called the Federated Nations of Humanity. Taxes were levied on the remaining megacorporations. and they created Public Works programs, aid for stranded colonies and imposed new economic regulations to prevent another crash. Some of the bankrupt corporations were nationalised and rebuilt, and the economy stimulated. At the same time, newly created FNH military forces fought hard to restore order.


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